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What Is a Hair Follicle?

Posted on Apr 23, 2018

A hair follicle is a small bulb-like part of the hair that is also known as the root of the hair. It plays an important role in hair growth since it is where the live cells grow and then divide to build the hair shaft. The blood vessels in the scalp provide the hormones and the nourishment the cells need for structure and hair growth.

Hair Growth Cycle

The hair follicle provides growth in 3 different phases including:

  • Anagen This is the growth phase
  • Catagen – This is also known as the transitional phase when the growth of the hair slows down and the follicle shrinks.
  • Telogen – This is the resting phase where the growth stops. The hair becomes detached from the follicle and a new hair starts the growth phase.

Hair Follicle Problems

The most common condition experienced with hair follicles is called folliculitis. When hair follicles are inflamed, small pimples or red bumps can be seen around the follicles. This is a fungal or a bacterial infection that can spread and the bumps or pimples eventually turn into crusty sores. This can affect hair growth and severe infections can lead to permanent loss of hair, destroyed hair particles and scarring.

Mild infections can usually be cleared up using self-care basic measures while more severe cases will require a trip to the doctor. In severe cases an antifungal medication may be required or an antibiotic.

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