The Pro 12 Hairmax Laser Comb for Hair Loss

Posted by on Nov 2, 2017

The Pro 12 Hairmax Laser Comb for Hair Loss The Hairmax is a handheld comb that is perfect for anyone experiencing some type of hair loss. This is a simple-to-use treatment that only requires 15 minutes of your time per week and you can use it in the privacy of your own home. Many people using it have described the experience as soothing or therapeutic. Hairmax Laser Comb This comb delivers light energy to the hair follicles through medical grade lasers. There are no LEDs involved, making this unit a step up from other LED laser combs on the market. It offers a unique design that features patented teeth that part your hair to make sure that the maximum amount of light is delivered to your hair follicles. Intensity and density work together to provide a light energy that is nourishing for the hair follicles. This energy can help activate the follicles to provide stronger growth. Many people that have used this product have reported fuller, denser and thicker hair growth as a result. The company has conducted a number of studies on hair growth and light energy and this device was shown to be successful in clinical studies done at some of the top medical research facilities in the United States.  In fact, Hairmax has conducted more research in this area than any other company. Results do vary and this comb works best when used in conjunction with other hair loss therapies. If you are experiencing any type of women’s hair loss please call us today at 647-697-8746 to learn more about our hair loss solutions. If you have any questions about the Pro 12 Hairmax Laser Comb and whether it be recommended for you, we provide complimentary consultations at both our Toronto and Mississauga...

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