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Hair loss, Thinning Hair, or Alopecia, is a concern for many people. The most common type of hair loss is male and female-pattern baldness. In particular, male-pattern baldness, which starts around the early twenties and affects half of all men by age 50. It begins at the hairline, which recedes and forms an “M” shape. Eventually the hair becomes thinner on the crown and temples, forming a horseshoe pattern of hair around the back and sides of the head.

Male-pattern baldness, which is hereditary and a natural part of ageing, does not pose a risk to your health but it can be very distressing and decrease your quality of life. Luckily, in most cases, it can be combatted and treated.

An estimated 30% of women face Female-pattern baldness. Antech Hair is equipped to face this stressful condition with the latest techniques.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men In Toronto

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Through decades of medical innovation, Antech Hair & Skin Clinics have developed a comprehensive hair loss treatment program for men and women. It’s a simple 5-step process and consists of a series of natural bio-pharmaceuticals with ingredients derived straight from Mother Nature.

However, treatment for hair loss depends on the cause. There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all product. Therefore, at Antech Hair & Skin Clinics, we take the time to thoroughly understand your concerns in a free consultation with a hair specialist. We then perform a Hair Micro Analysis for better insights on how to achieve the best results possible. These two extra steps lay the foundation for a personalized treatment that will tailor the care you receive to your personal needs in 5 steps.

  • Local Phase (3-5 weeks): In this phase, we lay the groundwork for increasing the health of your scalp.
  • Structural Phase (6-11 weeks): This phase includes a deeper cleansing of your scalp’s epidermal and dermal layers.
  • Development Phase (12-15 weeks): This phase accelerates your hair replacement. It also includes a free follow-up Hair Micro Analysis.
  • Phase Out: Depending on the results of the Hair Micro Analysis, the next step is to either reduce treatment frequency or adjust your treatment formulas.
  • Maintenance: And finally, at Antech Hair & Skin Clinics, we offer continual support and follow-up Hair Micro Analysis so we can monitor your progress.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men In Toronto

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