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Hair Loss Toronto – Why Covid-19 Stress Is Causing Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions in Both Men and Women

Posted on Jan 14, 2021

Many people are experiencing various issues with their scalp including hair loss due to the coronavirus pandemic and the cold weather temperatures. There can be a number of different reasons to account for this and once you know what they are you can start to work on them. If hair loss is significant, however, or if you find that you are having problems dealing with it emotionally, it’s time to contact a hair loss Toronto centre for help with the situation.

Hair Loss Due to Stress

It has long been determined that stress can be a major factor for hair loss. There are different types of stresses that can trigger the loss of hair including both emotional and physical stress. In some cases you may be putting stress on your body that you aren’t aware of and this can contribute to scalp issues and hair loss.

One example of this can be your eating habits. If you have decided to adopt a new diet plan during the pandemic and have experienced weight loss, your body can view the weight loss as stress and make your hair fall out. On the other side of the spectrum, however, if you are usually accustomed to eating healthy but have started to eat more junk food while spending more time at home, this is also stressful for the body. Take a look at what you have been eating and remember that hair fall usually occurs about three months after this stressful event started.

Stress forces the follicles of hair to go into the resting phase, which stops the production of new hair strands. If you have noticed more hair in your brush than usual, this may be the reason why.

Hair Loss Treatment Toronto – Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium, also commonly known as TE, is a condition of the hair that is usually caused by hormonal changes, poor nutrition or stress. It can also be caused by an illness, such as the Covid-19 virus. There are many reports arising every day regarding hair loss in patients that had the virus a few months earlier. If you need help with this issue please contact our hair loss treatment Toronto clinic.

Hair Loss Is Often Directly Linked to the Covid-19 Illness

If you have had Covid-19, don’t be surprised if you start to notice that your hair is shedding more than usual. This illness also commonly causes a premature interruption in the growing phase of the hair, which ultimately leads to more shedding approximately 2 to 3 months later. This is also known as telogen effluvium and while it is often surprising and disturbing, the good news is that it is usually a temporary condition. In most cases the hair grows back once the shedding has ceased.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment and Flaking Scalp during the Pandemic

Here are a few tips you can use to help prevent the situation from occurring or to lessen the effects of stressful or illness-related hair fall.

Deep Condition Your Hair

You may have some extra time on your hands and you can use that time wisely by deep conditioning your hair. Deep conditioning treatments help to restore moisture in the hair strands. When you moisturize your hair it will help prevent split ends and damage to the hair.

Scalp Rejuvenating Products

Many people are suffering from psoriasis or dandruff on the scalp area, which is also linked to pandemic stress. Look for rejuvenating products for the scalp that are rich in vitamins and minerals, natural oils, antioxidants and oleic acid. Products that contain natural oils such as flaxseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil or argan oil are all good for the scalp. You may want to experiment with some of these oils to find the one that works best on your scalp.

Don’t Wash Your Hair As Often

If you’re suffering from scalp issues and hair loss due to the pandemic, you should try washing your hair less often. If you’re used to washing your hair every day, for example, try washing it every second or third day instead. If you have curly thick hair, see if you can extend the washing to once a week. Make sure that you are using a good shampoo and conditioner.

Washing the hair too often will strip the natural oils from the scalp and hair causing both of them to dehydrate or dry out. This can be extremely damaging to the hair and the scalp.

Problems with Gut Issues

Gut issues are also commonly seen during the pandemic and these problems are linked to dandruff and flaky or oily scalps. Make sure that you are taking vitamin supplements and omega-3s and that you are looking for ways to reduce your stress. This will ultimately help clear up any stress-related stomach issues you may be experiencing. Eat good food and avoid reaching for junk food when you’re feeling stressed.

Lack of Nutrients

If you aren’t eating enough nutritional food, your body will become stressed. Avoid eating a lot of sugary foods and concentrate instead on healthier choices. Stress alone can make you feel rundown and you may find that you are eating less as a result. Make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and opting for nutrient-dense foods. Be sure to include foods like broccoli, shitake mushrooms, spinach and broccoli since they also contain a lot of antioxidants that help to support the condition of the skin.

Avoid Heating Your Hair

Put away your curling wand, straightener and your hair dryer if you have noticed that your scalp is feeling dry or your hair is falling more than usual. These products can be very damaging to the hair and the best thing you can do right now is to give your hair a break from any heat styling tools. Try putting your hair in a bun instead at night to create a fantastic look with less frizz.

If you have any questions or concerns about hair loss or are experiencing a scalp condition, please get in touch with the hair loss treatment Toronto professionals at Antech Hair. You can visit our website at and you can also schedule a free consultation with us by filling out the contact form on the site. We are a natural hair loss treatment clinic in Toronto that can help diagnose and treat hair or scalp concerns.

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