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Antech Hair in Ontario have been in the forefront educating the general public for over 25 years about the intricacies of hair loss, hair removal, anti-aging and aesthetic therapies. Antech Hair is renowned for its combination of cutting edge technology and select Bio-stimulants utilised throughout the two locations across Ontario.

We believe that healthy, radiant hair and skin is a definite asset.

The clinic’s highly trained and dedicated staff offer personalized care in a relaxing environment. Fast and effective service awaits you. Call for your FREE and PRIVATE consultation today!

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  • Over 80,000 Satisfied Clients
  • Extremely Fast and safe
  • FDA approved treatments
  • Painless results
  • Natural solutions
  • No needles or drugs


I have been a client for 5 months. My hair loss has slowed down. Seeing some new hair. Very pleased.Clean clinic and helpful staff.- Neda
Amazing and professional staff! Very honest and caring people who will give you the best service with the best prices and results, I would most definitely recommend this salon to all my friends and family in need! 5/5.- Oxana
I've been going to this clinic for my hair loss for over 8 months now and I'm extremely happy with the results. Paul is very competent and knowledgeable and also very honest. I'm just really glad that I came to him when I had almost lost hope. With the top notch service and a very professional and friendly staff, this clinic definitely deserves more than five stars!!!-Amen
Very friendly and professional staff. Very knowledgeable and caring people. Great location, close to the subway and buses. Highly recommended, offer many different services and have fair pricing!- Lulu R
Visited for hair loss problem. They gave me a free consultation with easy explanation. Very friendly and not trying to force you to pay. Trustable and friendly doctor with a lot of experience and friendly staff. Must visit!- Wooseock
I've been going to antech hair clinic for a few months now and really like the results I'm getting. Strongly recommend talking to Paul to get informed about your hair conditions as well as the available treatment options.- Vahid

3 Easy Steps for Hair Loss Control

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  • Analyzing structural causes through
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  • PERSONALIZED natural
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