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Antech Hair in Ontario have been in the forefront educating the general public for over 25 years about the intricacies of hair loss, hair removal, anti-aging and aesthetic therapies. Antech Hair is renowned for its combination of cutting edge technology and select Bio-stimulants utilised throughout the two locations across Ontario.

We believe that healthy, radiant hair and skin is a definite asset.

The clinic’s highly trained and dedicated staff offer personalized care in a relaxing environment. Fast and effective service awaits you. Call for your FREE and PRIVATE consultation today!

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  • Over 80,000 Satisfied Clients
  • Extremely Fast and safe
  • FDA approved treatments
  • Painless results
  • Natural solutions
  • No needles or drugs


— Isabelle— Isabelle
my experience at antech was phenominal i love it!!!.
Just started my treatments, friendly and knowledgeable staff
Your service has been pleasant and the lady who treated me was very nice and pleasant and very professional. Thank you.-Kate
— Isabelle— Isabelle
I've had 4 laser hair removal session so far and the results are fantastic.
.... the staff is incredible , it was very clean, very organized,and i felt very comfortable!!! i went with a groupon voucher and could not be happier
Have been following the Hair loss treatment program at Antech Hair and Skin Clinic for almost 12 years.My hair is healthier now and hair loss is minimal .The staffs are very friendly, supportive and professional. I would definitely recommend Antech Hair clinic for hair loss treatments.- Hema
— Renato— Renato
I have enjoyed the service I received over the last 30 years. Staff are knowledgeable, supportive and accommodating. Helped regain my self-confidence. Results are what I expected

3 Easy Steps for Hair Loss Control

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  • Analyzing structural causes through
    Hair Micro Analysis (H.M.A.)
  • PERSONALIZED natural
    non-invasive treatment

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